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The Favorite Source for Gluten-Free from Italy

Berlicimo is all about brining you the very best in taste from Italy. Period.

Premium Italian food at wholesale prices for your home or business
Enjoy and have fun (·:


We created the Berlicimo brand name by combining the words Bear and Bellisimo which in Italian means Very Beautiful!

Bears in Italy?
The Marsican brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos, formerly Ursus arctos marsicanus), also known as the “Apennine brown bear”, and orso bruno marsicano in Italian, is a critically endangered population of the Eurasian brown bear, with a range restricted to the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise, and the surrounding region in Italy. The Marsican brown bear differs slightly from other brown bears in its appearance and hibernation techniques. The bear’s popular name is derived from Marsica, a historic area of the modern-day region of Abruzzo where the bear has long had a significant presence.

Salviamo l’Orso is a non-profit, volunteer-led association working to save the Marsican brown bear from extinction by appealing to everyone who cares about this unique species and its natural environment.


How to make the Berlicimo bear face (•:
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Share it and spread the joy – kids and grownups love it !

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